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Maine Lake Region Information


Each town in the Sebago Lakes region has its own, unique character. Click on any town you'd like to know more about and read a brief description. Also, use the internal link to go to that town's official webpage.

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Lakes and Ponds

Lakes and ponds in the Sebago Lakes Region come in all shapes and sizes - and depths! Here are brief descriptions of many of the major lakes and ponds in the area which include helpful information about water cleanliness and the native fishery.

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Not every lake or pond has a marina. In fact, most don't. Knowing where the marinas are may be a determining factor in where you might want to look for a lakefront property. Lugging boat gas from a car or pulling up to the pump with your boat can be a pain. Locate all the local marinas here.


Most towns in Maine are so small that they band together to form school districts. The town of Naples, for instance, belongs to a school district that also includes the towns of Bridgton, Casco, Sebago and Baldwin. Knowing which town you live in determines what school district you belong to.

Utility Providers

Utility providers in the area are primarily concerned with delivering electricity or heating fuel. Most electricity comes from Central Maine Power Company. Most people heat with either fuel oil or propane (liquified natural gas). Many people also heat their homes with wood. There are many providers in the area for heating fuel, but only one provider of electricity. The other utility to consider is the one (or several) that deliver your internet, television, and telephone service. We have listed those here, as well.

Restaurants and Dining

Restaurants in the Lake Region are abundant, and offer a variety of tastes, no matter what you're hankerin' for! From steak to seafood, casual to fine dining, Asian to Mexican, you'll find it all nearby.

Culture and Entertainment

There are several cultural and entertainment venues in the area offering everything form live theater to drive-in movies. You may have to drive a bit to get to where you're going, but there is always plenty happening in the area, especially in the summer, when it comes to arts and entertainment. Check out this list for a venue near you.

Rental Properties

Want to come and enjoy the area but aren't ready to make a purchase? Why not rent a place. There are tons of long and short term rentals that come in all locales and configurations to fit any pocketbook. Here's a short list of some of the folks who are available to help you find just the right place.

Inns, B&Bs, Motels and Hotels

Looking for something really short term like a B&B, hotel or motel? Here's that list of some of the nice ones we have pin this area. Most have websites so be sure to check them out on line before making your selection.